Eva Grönberg

The Mex-days 2014

The Swedish-Municipal Engineering Association is a nonprofit association that was founded in 1902 and whose purpose it is to promote development and education, cooperation and information about the social structure. I have been a member of the Association for over 15 years and have benefitted a great deal from it.

Every year the association organizes a two-day seminar in various municipal engineering disciplines and I have participated in the so-called land and development days. It is like our “medical convention”. It is a valuable opportunity to meet colleagues and build networks while learning about what is happening in our profession.

I have had the opportunity to travel to a number of towns in Sweden that I normally would have had no reason to visit, and thus found several interesting places. In the same way, I think it is important that my colleagues have a chance to come to Trollhättan to see and experience what we have to offer here.

When we started planning a meeting in Trollhättan it turned out we had very good conference facilities with a number of different lecture halls, a large number of hotels and several travel options, including air travel, which is an important factor for long-distance participants from northern Sweden.

Joachim Nywall

In the spring of 2013 Trollhättan hosted “the Picture of the Year 2013” – a prestigious event that attracted around 500 people.

Mia Biselius

On March 18 to 20 2016 Trollhättan will be the host for approximately 300 representatives from the Friskis & Svettis organizations in Sweden. We are really looking forward to showing our guests our beautiful city, and we also hope that our own organization will get some attention.

Margaretha Näsmark

Every year a different school is handed the baton and, last year in Gävle, I raised my hand and invited everybody to come to Trollhättan in 2015.