Tommy Svensson

Sweden’s Music and Culture School Counsel Annual Meeting

The City of Trollhättan and the Culture and Leisure and Recreation Services Department has invited the Swedish Music and Culture School Council (SMoK) to hold its annual national conference in Trollhättan 2016.

The aim of the conference is to bring people together who are working in the field, to share experiences, build networks, and to acquaint themselves with R&D within the field. The conference is usually attended by over 200 participants from north to south.

Trollhättan has through its focus on N3 been discussed a lot all over Sweden. During its now three-year long history we have welcomed a large number of visitors from different parts of the country. They have all been interested in understanding how we think about the future of the culture school and how we turn our know-how into practical action.

Having the opportunity to show our business in a larger context, gives us an excellent opportunity to continue to put Trollhättan on display as a town at the forefront of aesthetic development for young people.

Our journey has just begun.

Margaretha Näsmark

Every year a different school is handed the baton and, last year in Gävle, I raised my hand and invited everybody to come to Trollhättan in 2015.

Eva Grönberg

The Swedish-Municipal Engineering Association is a nonprofit association that was founded in 1902 and whose purpose it is to promote development and education, cooperation and information about the social structure. I have been a member of the Association for over 15 years now.

Mia Biselius

On March 18 to 20 2016 Trollhättan will be the host for approximately 300 representatives from the Friskis & Svettis organizations in Sweden. We are really looking forward to showing our guests our beautiful city, and we also hope that our own organization will get some attention.