The November Festival 2014

The November Festival – an arena for young Swedish film. Since 1996 Sweden's national arena for young filmmakers. The festival provides a unique meeting place for filmmakers and audiences where they can share experiences, opinions, and make new contacts.

Filmmakers and audiences from all over the country come to Trollhättan to show their films, discover new talents and find new partners to work on film projects together.

The November Festival is preceded by 19 regional competitions around the country and ends in a national final. During the three-day festival about 50 of the best short films by young filmmakers are presented. The films will compete nationally in a “middleweight” (16-19 years) class and a “heavyweight” (20-26 years) class, and are judged by a qualified jury.

The festival offers, in addition to a showing of the competing films, seminars, face to face meetings with current film personalities, a big mingle party with buffet, a presentation of a new secret feature film, and nice entertainment.