The Waterfall days 2015

Welcome to the Waterfall Days, the oldest town festival in Sweden. It has taken place during the third weekend in July every year since 1959. Great music, fun activities, entertaining performances and exciting competitions are just part of what the Waterfall Days offer its guests.

Welcome to the oldest town festival in Sweden. The festival visitors are treated to music performances, competitions, various activities, exhibitions and much more. During these days the water is released every two hours to celebrate the waterfalls. Everything is free of charge.

In 1959 the Waterfall Days took place for the very first time. Just as in the past, the focus is on the waterfalls. Every two hours 300,000 liters of water per second are released. This is an impressive sight that has to be seen! Every year, during the third weekend in July, the celebration of the waterfalls in Trollhättan continues with music, fun activities, competitions and much more.

The Trollhättan Waterfalls
During the Waterfall Days, several times each day, large amounts of water are released, so do take the opportunity to experience it! During the Waterfall Days the last release is at 11.00 pm. It is illuminated and very beautiful, at nightfall an almost magical experience. During the last day of the festival the water release in the evening is accompanied by fireworks.

Traditional Races
During the Waterfall Days, according to tradition, Kraftprovet (the Power Race) is carried out. It takes place in the waterfall- and lock area. It brings together a number of professional runners with amateur runners. Several races take place, everything from races for children, Knatteprovet, to races for youth and adults: Minprovet, Slussprovet och Kraftprovet.