Meeting Calendar

This is where you will find information about upcoming events, but also some information about meetings and events that have already taken place in Trollhättan.

We list a selection of events which will aid you in your future planning as a meeting- and event organizer, and will also create opportunities to market your particular meeting or event.

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Annual Meeting of District Heating 2016

In November 2016 Trollhättan will have the opportunity to host the Swedish District Heating Association's Annual Meeting and its approximately 300 participants.

SERN General Assembly 2016

The SERN General Assembly, with participants from Swedish and Italian municipalities will be visiting Trollhättan in May 2016.

The Skara Diocese Convention

On April 23, 2016 Svenksa Lekmannaförbundet (the Swedish Laymens’ Association), of the Skara Diocese has decided to locate its diocese convention to Trollhättan.

Friskis & Svettis Annual Meeting 2016

Trollhättan will turn into a red and white city when approximately 300 participants from Friskis & Svettis will be visiting Trollhättan in March of 2016.

Aurora Chamber Music 2015

Aurora Chamber Music's three yearly festivals can best be described as a kind of musician’s gathering but for classical music. Established professional musicians as well as the new generation of talented musicians come to socialize and work together, and to do what they most of all – to play music!

Salus National Conference 2015

Welcome to the fourth national gathering on salutogenes with the topic: “collaboration for health”. Collaboration can have many different meanings, collaboration of knowledge, collaboration across borders and collaboration can also mean a common behavior and interaction between different parties.

The SANTE/ASAF Conference

SANTE is directed toward teachers at colleges and universities interested in using business systems in their teaching.
ASAF is directed toward researchers at colleges and universities interested in issues surrounding the business systems.

The Waterfall days 2015

Welcome to the Waterfall Days, the oldest town festival in Sweden. It has taken place during the third weekend in July every year since 1959. Great music, fun activities, entertaining performances and exciting competitions are just part of what the Waterfall Days offer its guests.

SUM-SIM 2015

Trollhättans Simsällskap (swim club) is the organizer and host of the Swedish Youth Championship in swimming where over 600 athletes participate. The competition takes place at Arena Älvhögsborg in the heart of Trollhättan.


Children and young people in focus - research meets practice.
The conference was organized by the Children-and Youth Research Center at University West in Trollhättan.

National Counselor Conferene

University West was pleased to be the organizer for the national counselor conference 2015. The conference took place in Trollhättan on May 19 to 21 2015 and was directed toward all counselors at colleges and universities in Sweden.

SFS Council Meeting 2015

SFS council; usually called SFSFUM, is SFS (student council) annual membership meeting and the supreme governing body. Here, decisions are made about the work of the organization, what the goals of SFS are, and how students' rights are best protected.

European Oyster Opening Championship 2015

On February 21, NOVA Mat & Möten in collaboration with Albert Kök Hotell & Konferens and the town of Trollhättan will host the European Oyster Opening Championship 2015

Entrepreneurs’ Day 2014

Entrepreneurs’ Day 2014 - A day for those who are curious about what entrepreneurship and running a business is all about.

The November Festival 2014

The November Festival – an arena for young Swedish film. Since 1996 Sweden's national arena for young filmmakers. The festival provides a unique meeting place for filmmakers and audiences where they can share experiences, opinions, and make new contacts.

From Crisis to Creativity

A national idea- and methods conference about what to do when the largest company in town closes its doors or when slowly but surely one job after another disappears.

The Wine Fair 2014

For 23 consecutive years Munskänkarna have organized Sweden’s largest nonprofit wine fair, this time at Nova Arena in Trollhättan. Last year's fair was visited by 2,204 wine enthusiasts and satisfied visitors.

The Mex-Days 2014

In November 2014, the Mex Days’ conference (the land and development days) were held in Trollhättan.


In October 2014, the concluding VETree conference was held in Trollhättan.