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Per Olofsson -Årets kreatör

The Ideas Men that Put Trollhättan on the Map

In the beginning of December 2014 restaurateurs and entrepreneurs Per Olofsson and Rickard Halleröd received the eleventh Creativity Scholarship (Kreativitetsstipendiet) which was awarded on Entreprenörsdagen (the Entrepreneurs’ Day) at Folkets Hus Kulturhuset.

They recieved this award for their success in devolping Trollhättan into a venue associated with high-quality food, beverages and exiting events.

The Creativity Scholarship is to highlight and promote creativity in Trollhättan, and is established by the town of Trollhättan, Swedbank and Innovatum.

“Per and Richard are very good examples of what can be achieved with creativity, determination and courage. The scholarship recipients have made a substantial contribution to the fact that Trollhättan increasingly is associated with both good food and exciting events. The European Championship in Oyster Opening is an example of an event that has put Trollhättan in the spotlight”, says jury chairman and the town of Trollhättan’s Communication Manager, Peter Asp.

Two entrepreneurs and ideas men have put Trollhättan on the map – both in terms of food, meetings and events. Top restaurant Albert’s, with its award-winning cuisine, hotel and restaurant has added another dimension to food and experiences in an old industrial environment at Innovatum.

The duo has been a contributing factor to the development of Innovatum as a whole, both in terms of good food with Nova Mat & Möten, and exciting events. The European Championship in Oyster Opening, conferences, Munskänkarnas’ popular wine fair and company events – are just a few of many examples of events that have taken off because of these two creative entrepreneurs.

Previous Recipients
The Novemberfestival, the researcher Per Nylén, the eintertainer Claes Eriksson, the flash animator Mattias Lindberg, the entrepreneur Thomas Löfgren (Junkyard), the Stavre school restaurant, the animation company Meindbender, the musician Per Nyström, the artistic leader Ulf Wadenbrandt and Alliansloppet (the Alliance Race, Magnus Larsson/Oluf Skoog have previously been honored for their creativity.