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Fotograf Patrik Johäll

Trollhättan – Student Town of the Year Award

Trollhättan has received the prestigious award "Student Town of the Year” 2014/2015”. Competition for the price was stiff and three university towns went to the finals. In addition to Trollhättan, Jönköping and Helsingborg were among the finalists.

Trollhättan has been named the Student Town of the Year 2014/2015 by the Swedish National Union of Students, SFS.

– Trollhattan is a town that wants all its students to feel at home. Therefore, we want to reward it with the “Student of the Year Award”. There is good cooperation between the student union, the municipality and the university, and a long tradition of inclusion. In Trollhättan, students have good and safe conditions to live and study, says the SFS chairman Erik Arroy.

The competition for the price has been tough and three towns went to the finals. In addition to Trollhättan, Jönköping and Helsingborg were among the finalists. After the jury’s deliberations and site visits to the three finalist towns it became clear that Trollhättan was the winner.

– A highly appreciates award, and a clear sign that our purposeful work with student issues are really important. This is the fruit of a broad collaboration between the Student Union, University West, and not the least the local business community, says Chair of the Executive Committee Paul Åkerlund.

The “Student Town of the Year Award” has been awarded by the SFS since 1999. Last year the award went to Norrköping.

The jury’s statement: Trollhättan has a long tradition of inclusion where all students can feel protected and safe. The modern campus is accessible and has been designed in collaboration with students of the university. That the perspectives of the students always are appreciated and taken seriously are some characteristics of Trollhättan. There is good cooperation between the student body, the municipality and University West to improve the social study environment for the students and strengthening the link between higher education and the labor market. The influence of the students has also made an imprint on the development of the down town area of Trollhättan. Trollhättan provides safe conditions for students. The municipality’s “housing guarantee”, which promises students accommodation within 30 days of their registration, has worked well. Trollhättan meets all criteria of a good student town.