A hike through the lock- and water fall area.

A hike for about two hours around the Trollhättan lock area- and water fall area where nature, industry and history meet in an exciting and beautiful environment. From the old power station Olidan by …

The trail starts at the almost 100 year old power station, Olidan, where we stop and admire the machine hall whose turbines are still spinning, before continuing to the west side of the river and Flottbergsbron. On our way we see the remains of Christopher Polhem’s attempt to build a first set of locks in Trollhättan and we give a thought to the Icelandic Vikings who, almost a thousand years ago, tried to get past the wild rapids here.

If we are lucky, we will see salmon leaping before we continue the trail up the mountain via stairs to Kopparklinten. Once we are at the top, we will enjoy the beautiful view of Älvrummet, with a well-deserved coffee break. The walk then continues north, along the river, past the exit to the power station and we stop at the Oscar Bridge and look down into the river. Before the walk is finished, we will visit the Royal Cave where the royals have carved their names.

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