Dinner in the wild

Travel to the mythical plateau mountain Hunneberg where you are met by the silence of nature and a crackling campfire. Find inspiration by walking and reflecting in this beautiful and creative environment.

You arrive at Hunneberg you are greeted by the hosts of the evening at the crackling campfire. Strengthened by the sound of the fire the experience of darkness and silence commences. The kerosene lamp lights your walk on the gravel road to Fagerhult. With the path lit only by the flickering light, it is easy to understand how life in the forests appeared before the advent of street lighting.

At Fagerhult a fire is warming the big tent, furnished with wooden tables and wooden benches, covered with warm and soft reindeer skins and tables set with white linen tablecloths and candelabra. Once at the table you will be offered something warm to drink and dinner is served at the open fire. The menu is inspired by the place and created from local ingredients and traditions.

We guarantee you an extraordinary experience that will give added value to your meeting.

Hunneberg 121
Västra Tunhem
0046 521 27 00 40