Nova Mat & Möten (Nova Food & Meetings)

We will make your conference a success!

Meetings at Nova Mat & Möten are an experience beyond the ordinary. You should be able to focus on what you are here for, everything else we will take care of for you. At Nova Mat & Möten you can always expect that little extra. It doesn’t matter if there are two guests or two thousand. Nova offers complete conference concepts with delicious food and customized activities in an old, industrial environment by the canal.

Nova’s collective know-how and capacity is the key to ensuring a successful conference or event. In addition to a complete, top notch conference center

Nova provides a cool event- and meeting venue, with the capacity of 1,300 seated guests and 2,500 standing guests.

Distance from
The Travel Center1 km
Trollhättan Vänersborgs Airport6 km

Nova Mat & Möten – no ordinary meeting place

The Innovatum area is a hot meeting point for innovators, creators, entrepreneurs, technicians and enthusiasts. You will find everything from modern environmental technologies to thrilling industrial experiences, all in the same area.
We, at NOVA Mat & Möten can offer fantastic opportunities to meet. An evening out with colleagues, exciting events, conferences with many positive surprises, thrilling product launches or kick-offs. We have a wide range of facilities and the greatest of them all is an arena which can be customized for events for up to 2,500 guests.


Nova Arena2500--3000 m2
Lilla Nova Arena500300-- m2
Tycho Brahe9056-- m2
Kepler6036-- m2
Hartwig12--- m2
Koshiba10--- m2

We love Food and Meetings

That we at NOVA Mat & Möten love to cook fantastic food is hardly a secret – on the contrary. We like to talk about the love of high quality food resources and how we can create the perfect meal for every occasion.

For us, cooking is not just a way to satisfy a hungry stomach but it is as much about creating that little extra that will make your taste buds very happy.

Nova Arena1000
Lilla Nova300
Åkerssjövägen 10
461 53 Trollhättan
0046 520-50 54 00