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About University West
We offer programs in which we collaborate and cooperate closely with businesses and society, so-called work-life experiences. Through our profile – work integrated learning (WIL), students at the university gain work experience already while at the university. University West has been commissioned by the government to develop pedagogics associated to WIL. One example of WIL is the so called co-op in which studies are sandwiched with periods of paid work.

The university offers a variety of programs and courses in computing and IT, economy and leadership, healthcare, teaching and languages, media, the individual and society, and technology.

Engineering and social sciences are the major areas of research at University West. A smaller number of projects are carried out in the humanities, nursing and health sciences. The research is largely focused on producing results that can be of practical use, and a large portion of it is conducted in collaboration with the community. The research is also intended to strengthen the scientific level of the university’s different programs.

Attractive and modern study environment at University West
There are about 12,000 students and about 570 employees at University West. Our campus is in the heart of Trollhättan and is built with the students’ needs in focus. The open surfaces make it simple for students and teachers to gain work-life experiences.

Research at University West
University Wests prioritizes certain areas of research: Work Integrated Learning (LINA), Child and Youth Studies (BUV) and Production (PTV).
In these areas major conferences are organized during which the university becomes a meeting place for many interested parties.

Distance from
Center City0.0 km
The Travel Centre0.5 km
Trollhättan Vänersborgs Airport5 km

The university organizes exclusively internal conferences and conventions, directly related to the university’s own research and business areas. For more information please contact Anita Strandberg Roos or Ida-Karin Wennberg at the University’s Evenemang- och konferensstöd (Event- and Conference Support).

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