Innovatum is one of northern Europe’s greatest development centers. We work to strengthen and broaden the economy in western Sweden, and arouse children’s curiosity for technology and creative industries. We are a place for smart people with smart ideas you might say, and the world’s best place for tomorrow’s best companies.

At Innovatum you will have access to a professional platform for research and development, creative and constructive attitudes for start-ups, a whole house full of the newest know-how and production equipment. Here you can also experience the joy of discovery, curiosity and insights.

We work in close cooperation with schools on a variety of educational programs. We are a place where things happen and everything is possible. Innovatum also works on issues of industry and heritage. We think it is important to have an understanding of how the industrial movements affect the development of society and the lives of individuals.

We want to be a partner at the intersection of industrial society, civil society, cultural tourism and regional development. Whether you are a person with a business idea, someone from a big company who wants to pursue a development project, a visitor or a school class, at Innovatum we can make a difference.

Åkerssjövägen 16
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