Trade and Industry

Trollhättan belongs to an expanding region, where the emphasis on Trollhättan’s trade and industry depends on the high technology developed by the town’s many international corporations.

The region is located in the middle of an area where two-thirds of the Nordic countries’ industry is located. Industry and technology is synonymous with the town, but the greatest characteristics are innovation and creativity. This applies to almost everything – the development of the area’s hydroelectric power, innovative companies, technology that is constantly improving and the automotive- and aircraft production. Rocket engines for the European space program are also produced here.

In total there are 3,800 enterprises registered in the municipality, in which GKN Aerospace, Vattenfall (the hydroelectric power company), and NEVS are some of the larger companies. Trollhättans Stad (the city of Trollhättan), NU-sjukvården (health care) and Högskolan Väst (The University West) are the largest employers run by the state and the public sector.