Welcome to Trollhättan!

Trollhättan is an international city with high hospitality and extensive experience in caring for visitors!

Trollhättan is today a strong growth region and is located in an area where two-thirds of the Nordic region’s industry exists.

Exchange of Know-How and Creativity Needed for Success
Industry and technology have for a long time been synonymous with Trollhättan, but know-how and creativity are the most recognizable characteristics. The reason for this is the influence of the University West, the public health caresystem of the area (NU-sjukvården), Innovatum and trade and industry – all contributing with R&D, and the exchange of know-how. It is the constant exchange between these participants that contribute to our success

Hollywood – Swedish style
About half of all Swedish feature films are produced or co-produced in Trollhättan – or Trollywood as it called in the film industry nowadays. For those of us who live here it is not unusual to see both national as well as international stars and to see streets that are sometimes blocked off because of filming.
Trollhättan can pride itself with its own Walk of Fame, where famous actors, such as Pernilla August, Lena Olin, Stellan Skarsgård, Fares Fares and Nicole Kidman have been honored with their own star.

Full of Innovation
It was not a coincidence that it was the old industrial area by the canal, where Nohab used to be located, that would be the site of Trollhättan’s new creative science center – Innovatum. The spirit of enterprise has existed and thrived here for more than 160 years, even before Trollhättan received its town rights.

In addition to 140 companies, incubator activities and one of Sweden’s most modern laboratories for product technology, Innovatum can pride itself of an art gallery, a concert hall, a culture school, a cable car, the Saab car museum and a 4,400 sq.m. science center. It is all well worth a visit or two!

More than just majestic waterfalls and lock systems
It is almost impossible to visit Trollhättan without visiting at least some parts of the unique waterfalls and lock system. Thanks to great engineering the lock system has been called the eighth wonder of the world. But that is not everything that Trollhättan and the surrounding area has to offer.

It is a majestic feeling to watch when the sluice gates open and 300, 000 liters of water pour through the gates every second. The noise is deafening. The whole waterfall and lock area is beautiful and to go for a quiet stroll along the canal is soothing for the soul.

As you might have realized by now, many activities in Trollhättan are connected to the water and are experiences that will give new energy and inspiration to our meeting participants. To take a break from the normal routine and do something completely different gives you a chance to relax but it will also give you energy for new and creative discussions.

In the surrounding area you will find the mythical table plateaus Halle- and Hunneberg. The king of the forest – the moose – can often be sighted here. Visitors will experience magnificent scenery and unique encounters that they will remember for a long time.